Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Reimbursement Income Tax Rules

Reimbursement Income Tax Rules

·         No transaction is allowed of more than 20,000 in cash in one day with one vendor.

·         Payments of more than Rs.2,000/- should be made in Cheque as far as possible.

·         Put a revenue stamp on every cash receipt.

·         If a vendor is charging service tax, the bill must carry service tax number

·         If the vendor is charging VAT or sales tax, TIN  number should be on the bill.

·         Never accept a bill on a latter head.

·         The bill must have a bill number.

·         Always hire audio visual equipment and run it yourself. If you hire a person for operating the system service tax will be applicable.

·         If you hire a car and run yourself, service tax is not applicable. But if you hire a car with the driver, service tax is applicable.

·         In Hotel and Restaurants, Service Tax is not applicable if, the total turnover of the Hotel/Restaurants is less than 10 lacs per annum; Hotel/Restaurant is not air-conditioned; if the room rent in the hotel is less than 1000 Rs per day per room.

·         All Bills should contain the word “Service Tax  not applicable” if it is not charged

·         Best way to take a bill is " inclusive of all applicable taxes"

·         If the vendor has only given a bill than a stamp of 'cash paid" should be there on the bill or a separate receipt should be procured. Remember both receipt and bill are needed.

·         In TB Project Every bill should be in the name of IMA-GFATM-RNTCP-PPM Project ( of IMA branch ).

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