Sunday, 21 June 2015

The cost of drugs may vary

The cost of drugs may vary

Quite often doctors are blamed of prescribing costly drugs to their patients. Every patient must know that convenience comes for a cost. The same drug molecule with same Efficacy may cost more if it gives you convenience. Remember cheap does not mean low quality or low efficacy.
Its like the basic model of a car, all accessories comes for a prize.

The cost of a drug may vary depending on the following parameters
1.       If the bitterness is removed
2.       If it does not emit an odd smell
3.       If it's aftertaste is better
4.       If it looks soothing to the eyes due to specific shape or color
5.       If the size of a tablet is small
6.       If it is in a capsule form
7.       If it provides instant relief
8.       If it is to be used only once in day or it is a slow-, continuous- or delayed-release formulation
9.       If the packing is better
10.   If the preservative used is not sodium
11.   If it does not contain any non vegetarian ingredients
12.   If it is in liquid formulation
13.   If it uses nanotechnology
14.   If it is a scored tablet
15.   If it does not interfere with food
16.   If it does not interfere with juices (grape)
17.   If it is a combination of two or three drugs (as a single tablet)
18.   If the drug is numbered in the strip (day-wise)
19.   If the drug contains multiple drugs in the same strip so that the patient does not miss the dose
20.   If it is not dispensed as loose tablets
21.   The drug has not come out of patent
22.   If it is water soluble
23.   If the drug salt granules are small or tiny
24.   If it can be absorbed from the tongue
25.   If it can be absorbed from the skin
26.   If the drug - drug interaction is less
27.   If it can be taken once a week or once a month
28.   If the injection is with a prefilled syringe
29.   If the injection is less painful
30.   If the injection can be given directly in the vein vs in a drip
31.   If the injection is in the form of a vial or single dose
32.   If the shelf life of a drug is longer
33.   Duration of action of a drug and its half life
34.   If the difference between therapeutic dose and toxic dose is narrow
35.   If it does not cause pill esophagitis

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