Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dr K K Aggarwal National President IMA

Dear Colleague Big Thank You I thank all my mentors and colleagues for the confidence shown in me. I am both happy and tense so the responsibility given to me is huge and the time is only one year. But with the help of you all I am sure Team Digital IMA will be able to deliver. Our mission for the year is IMA 1 Voice. Let us all take IMA to a great height. Dr K K Aggarwal Following are the links 1. Website link : 2. Presidential-speech- 3. ebook - 4. HSG ACTIVITY REPORT IMA: 5. 'Medico-legal Insights -IMA Legal Success Stories & White Papers’ : 6. ‘STOP NMC - AMEND IMC ACT IMA Satyagraha 2016’ : 7. Dr. KK Aggarwal taking over as National President of IMA: 8. IMA Natcon 2016 - Sister Shivani Verma On Self Motivation: 9. Dr K K Aggarwal takes over as the National President of The Indian Medical Association:

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