Wednesday, 7 January 2015

IMA wants state of the art forensic labs in every state

IMA New Delhi India: 56th January 2015: IMA is the collective consciousness of over 2.5 lac Indian doctors. The association is concerned about the forensic lab facilities available in the country and has written to the health minister and prime minister of the country to establish state of the art forensic labs in every district.

In the letter written to the ministry by Honorary Secretary General and Padma Shri Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal said that in the recent Sunanda Murder case it took over a year for the police to decide that it was a murder case.

Also the AIIMS report said that they do not have all the facilities for forensic examination and the viscera needs to be sent abroad for further testing.

" It only means the country does not have even a single lab for full forensic exam and if it would not have been a high profile case, the mater could have ended as suicide case. Thousands  such cases of murder in today's date might be getting closed as suicidal cases." writes Dr Aggarwal.

When the crime rate in the country is so high, every state has a right to have a state of the art forensic report. Why the samples need to be sent to other states for examination.

The association National President Dr A M Pillai has asked the health ministry to treat this matter on priority and let them know what steps are being taken in this regard.

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