Saturday, 24 January 2015

Indian Medical Association, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, National Neonatology Forum and Federation of Gynecology Societies of India to join hands to reduce the infant mortality rate in the country

New Delhi, January 24, 2015: The 52nd Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics is ongoing in the city and aims to discuss and debate one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare in our country – the quality development of children. Attended by over 8,000 doctors the PEDICON 2015 is the largest gathering of pediatrics in the country.

In a special session Padma Shri Awardee and Honorary Secretary General IMA, Professor Dr K K Aggarwal said that no infant should die just because preventive and infrastructure facilities are not available. For every infant death someone should be accountable. He added that every infant’s death should be made a public outcry.  Our country has in the recent past woken up to violence and abuse against women, they must now also come together and raise their voice against preventable infant deaths.

“Why report a rare Congo- Hemorrhagic death and not report a preventable infant death", Dr Aggarwal asked the hall full of doctors listening to his talk.

Talking about children in the age group of 0-5 years, Dr Aggarwal added that, “Today over 2 lakh children die of diarrhea and 3 lakh from pneumonia every year. This is not acceptable to the medical profession. IMA will take up the task of sensitizing over 2.5 lakh of its member doctors on these subjects. Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries, is a leader in the fight against diarrhea. There is no reason why India should not too”.

In addition to this IMA will also open 1700 adolescent clinics in the country to educate girls on lifestyle, reproductive and mental health.

Congratulating this initiative and discussing the existing problem, Dr. Ajay Gambhir Organizing Chairperson of PEDICON 2015 said, “There has been a decline in infant and neonatal mortality rates in our country but the rates are still relatively high in urban slums and rural areas. It is our aim to bring this number down by 2020 in accordance with the millennium development goals through programs on immunization, women empowerment and reduction in female feoticide and infanticide. I thank the Indian Medical Association for supporting this initiative and look forward to working with them towards this cause.

Adding to this, Dr Anupam Sachdev, Organizing Secretary, PEDICON 2015 said,” It is unfortunate that India has the highest newborn mortality and it is a need of the hour to tackle this situation. The PEDICON 2015 has been unique for it has brought together not only doctors but also government leaders, NGO’s and International organizations to discuss a cause of national importance under one roof. I thank the Indian Medical Association for their support and hope that we can together put an end to preventable child deaths’.

Bangladesh, one of world’s poorest countries, is a leader in the fight against diarrhea, which is the number two killer of children under age 5 worldwide after pneumonia. Diarrhea claims 1.5 million kids annually – more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. There is no reason why India should not lead over Bangladesh in this issue.

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