Friday, 13 February 2015


1.      Health budget should be 6% of GDP.

2.      Central funding should contribute to at least 60% of government spending in health
3.      Primary level health care should be made free for all citizens.

4.      Since many of the factors like protected water, sanitation, nutrition, shelter, drug manufacturing and quality assurance etc related to health indices are dealt with different ministries, budget allocation to related ministries should be increased under the above heads.

5.      Rs 50,000 Crores should be earmarked for “Cure in India Project”. This project to be earmarked for creating awareness and promoting indigenous manufacturing of kits, reagents and biomedical equipment/devices.

6.      Provision to be made for “Indian Health Act 2015” where a single window registration system should be done for medical establishments. At present 72 such registrations are required.

7.      Rs 50,000 Crores to be set apart for promoting digital health.

8.      Health care should be declared as a service sector.

9.      Health Care Establishments should be given infrastructure status.

10.  List of Life saving equipments should be expanded and completely exempted from all taxes and duties.

11.  Rs 50000 Crores should be earmarked for

a.       Promoting Medical, Drug and Public Health Research by setting up “Medical Research Parks” across the country in line with the Techno parks.

b.      CME programmes for health care providers for updating the medical knowledge and recent advances.

12.  Just like aided schools, “Aided Hospitals” should be promoted. In turn such hospitals should provide 15% free service to the poor.

a.       Subsidy in electricity, water, building tax.

b.      Interest free loans for starting new hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and clinics in rural areas

c.       Health care providers should be given subsidy for solar power and digital health.

d.      10 year moratorium for repayment of loans.

13.  Financial provision should be made for starting government medical colleges

a.       In rural areas where no health facility is available.

b.      In states / districts where government medical colleges are not available proportionate to the population.

14.  Special fund should be allocated to solve the problem of non availability of doctors in PHC’s /CHC’s. These PHC’s /CHC’s should be considered as special / difficult PHC’s /CHC’s. Special privileges should be provided like

a.       The salary for medical personal should be three times in these difficult PHC’s / CHC’s

b.      Just like railway colonies nearby railway stations, colonies for medical personals including schools, shops and other common facilities should be provided.

c.       Services of nearby practicing doctors in the private sector should be utilized on a retainership basis.

d.      Reservation for PG admission should be given for those doctors working in difficult PHC’s and CHC’s.

15.  Every doctor/clinical establishment providing charity services should have tax exemption for the amount spend on charity.

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