Thursday, 19 March 2015

Rally to create awareness on TB

Rally to create awareness on TB

Dr Jagdish Prasad DGHS and DR KK Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA today released TB messages to earmark World TB day falling on 24rth March. Addresing a gathering of hundreds of health care professionals coordinated by IMA, Dr Prasad said that the slogan this year is " TB Harega, desh Jitega".

Dr AM Pillai National President and Dr Sursh Gutta National coordinator TB said that it is important to notify TB in every case to stop the spread.

Over 40 Principals from various schools were also sensitized on TB prevention and respiratory hygiene.

Following messages were released

1. TB is curable

2. Not notifying a TB patient is violation of MCI act

3. Not only notify but also follow notified patients till they are cured

4. Patients notified in private sector and are lost in follow up could result in MDR TB, which costs a huge sum of money (Rs. 2 laks / patient)

5. Swach Bharat, Swsathya Bharat, TB Mukt Bharat

6. TB harega desh jeetega

7. Two weeks cough can be TB. Consult a Doctor

8. World cup lao, TB ko harao

9. 2 hafte se jyada khansi, wajan ghatna, bukhaar aana, balgam mein khoon aane par turant doctor se salaah karein. Ye TB ho sakti hai

10. Notify all TB cases and make TB free India.

11. Notify all TB cases in Nikshay and make TB Mukt Bharat

12. Diagnose and treat TB every case as per the Standards for TB Care in India

13. Kshay rog ka nidaan v ilaaj bhartiye kshay rog manakon ke anusaar hi karaye

14. TB anywhere is TB everywhere.

15. TB sab ko nahin hoti; par kisi ko bhi ho sakti hai

16. TB isn’t just somebody else’s problem, it could be yours. Coughing for more than 2 weeks, test for TB

17. 9 million new TB cases are detected every year globally

18. 1.5 million people die every year from TB globally

19. Do not ignore cough of more than 2 weeks, it may be TB.

20. Serological tests for diagnosis of TB are banned and not recommended

21. Follow the standard IMA Protocol for TB

22. Not notifying TB is a violation of IMC Act under Section 5.2 and 7.14.

23. 2 consecutive negative sputum samples for AFB at the end of treatment means TB is cured

24. DOTs provides free treatment to TB patients and their confidentiality is maintained

25. MDR TB means TB that is resistant to INH, Rifampicin.

26. MDR TB requires treatment for 24-27 months

27. "Reach the 3 Million: Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone"

28. All diagnosed TB patients should be offered HIV counselling & Testing.

29. TST and IGRA should not be used for diagnosing active TB.

30. TB patients should be given dosages of the drugs depending upon body weight.

31. Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis  should be monitored by follow-up sputum

32. microscopy at defined intervals.

33. TB patients living with HIV should receive the same duration of TB treatment with daily regimen

34. ART must be offered to all patients with HIV  & TB at the earliest.

35. People living with HIV should be screened for TB

36. Ensure pura course for pakka ilaj

37. Ensure all contacts of TB patients are screened for TB

38. <6 yrs contacts of  TB patients after excluding active TB, should  get INH for 6 months

39. Counsel all TB patients for cough hygiene, nutrition & treatment adherence

40. Hate TB,  not the patient, treat with dignity and confidentiality.

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