Wednesday, 6 May 2015

All asthmatics should check level of pollution

IMA observes World Asthma Day today

In a joint statement, Dr Bipul Mishra, Asthma Specialist from Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital and Dr K K Aggarwal, Hony Secretary General, Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that both allergic and non-allergic asthma including chronic bronchitis are on the rise. Most asthmatics also suffer because of the rising pollution in the cities. Dr Bipul Mishra and Dr K K Aggarwal were interacting with doctors on the occasion of World Asthma Day.

Addressing a gathering of doctors, Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Past National President, IMA said that all asthmatics should check level of pollution from the website of Pollution Control Board and restrict their outdoor activities if the level of pollution is high.

Schools located in areas with high pollution level also need to take steps to prevent exposure of their students to environmental pollutants, which may aggravate symptoms of asthma.

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  1. What can be changed in environmental issues. More emphasis given to Immunogenicity & pranayam / flute for better health.