Saturday, 9 May 2015

IMA Relief work at NEPAL

                              IMA HQ   MEDICAL RELIEF ACTIVITY

Nature’s fury, no forecasting system combined with poor preparedness has left Nepal battling its worst earthquake.

On April 25th  severe   earthquake caused havoc in Nepal. Many people have died. Property and infrastructure worth billions of rupees have been damaged.

The earthquake fury has overtaken the community of Nepal especially of interior parts of it and left them numbs. There are huge losses of human life as well as properties and need to help. It is our social responsibility towards our neighboring   country to help in all ways.

Indian Medical Association HQ .,  immediately came into action under the guidance of our Hon. Secretary  General  Dr. K. K. Aggarwal. A line of action was prepared immediately and sent to all IMA members along with” DO & DON’T During   Earthquake”.

A monitoring cell was established at IMA HQ.  An appeal was sent to all Working Committee Members , State Branch Presidents and  Hon. Secretaries of local branches and IMA  members to volunteer their services reaching  Nepal for help and to contribute for medicines and financial contribution  to the IMA President  Disaster Relief  Fund.

A request was done to Indigo airlines to provide free tickets to go to Kathmandu.  We received a positive response. We received many request from our IMA members to go to Nepal at the service of affected victims. 

IMA HQ’s unique initiative started to help the needy brethren of our neighboring   country, which was affected by disaster, the natural calamity of earthquake. The important aspect of this activity was that all the doctors went voluntarily. Doctors were sent from different states like Chhattisgarh , Gujarat, Maharashtra  and Punjab.

Dr. Ahok Gupta, Dr. Kanchan Gupta, Dr. Shashank shrigarpure, Dr. Sujit Adsol, Dr. Mansukh Kanani , Dr. Anoop Verma, Dr. Roohi  Deol & Dr. Dilip Sheth along with few paramedical attended from 30th April to 9th May 2015.

Our IMA Team worked together with the doctors of Vayodha Hospital,  B.K. Eye Foundation Hospital and Bhaktipur Civil Hospital. Along with seeing the patients in OPD ,  they assisted  the hospital doctors in debridement of wounds, dressings, anesthesia procedure , emergency cesarean section  and emergency resuscitation of new born also.  Along with hospital doctors our team rendered services in the periphery area of Kathmandu to the interior part of Nepal.

Our team examined about 300 patients of Charagadh village of Kirtipura Dist., about 250 patients at village Ranitar of Sindupalchok district     ( at a distance of around 100 k.m. from Kathmandu ) and 60 patients in Karyabinayak Municipality area in a temporary OPD erected in tent.  In the Hospital OPD of Bhaktipur Civil Hospital Dist. Bhaktipur, our team had examined about 500 patients including pediatric patients in three days. Around 1100 patients were examined from pediatric to geriatrics patients by our team in 10 days.

The whole relief activity was carried out with the support of Heart Care Foundation of India.

Long Live IMA

Dr. Marthanda Pillai  , National President IMA
Dr. KK Aggarwal     Honorary Secretary General IMA
Dr Chetan N  Patel, Chairman IMA HQ DMC

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