Saturday, 2 January 2016

Team IMA will work hand in hand with the Central Government to solve various medical issues pertaining to the country

Team IMA will work hand in hand with the Central Government to solve various medical issues pertaining to the country

Addressing a Press Conference today Dr S S Agarwal, National President, IMA and Padma Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal, Hony. Secretary General, IMA said that the working group proposed by Shri J P Nadda, Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare is a welcome step and IMA will leave no stone unturned to take this opportunity to help the Government in solving issues ailing the society.

The aim of the working group will be to provide easily accessible, affordable, quality and safe healthcare to the community at large with special emphasis to rural and semi urban areas.

IMA, today is spread over 1700 local branches, 30 State Branches and has a membership of over 2.5 lakh doctors.  Through this infrastructure, the Govt. can reach anywhere in the country from remote areas including North-East, Deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, tribal areas of Jharkhand and Chattisgarh to the terror-hit areas of Kashmir and Naxalite areas of the country.

IMA is willing to provide its massive infrastructure to be incorporated in various National Health Programmes for providing healthcare delivery.

All IMA members can be incorporated and work hand in hand in the National Health Programmes jointly with the Government. Any National Health programme launched by the Government, should not only involve the Govt. but also incorporate the private sector.

IMA is willing to join hands with the Govt. and open the Adolescent Clinic pan India on the lines of National Health Programme. IMA is also offering its infrastructure to link these Adolescent Clinics with the non Clinical Awareness Programme.

IMA during the year, is also planning to come out with a standard management protocol and also prepare a White Paper on Self-Regulation of Doctors and allied industry.  The main aim of the IMA in the current year is to work to create trust between the government, doctors and patients.

IMA will also be working to frame guidelines and update the knowledge of its members in the field of Family Medicine and Legal Medicine.

IMA also wants to strengthen the Referral System in the country to enter into capacity building programmes for IMA members and start refresher courses on a regular basis.

IMA will also be focusing in the field of Geriatric Care in the current year.

IMA is for PP Models and will explore possibilities of a joint PP Project Models with the Government. IMA will also come out with a series of health education documentaries.

Quackery, today, is a real menace in the society and needs to be curbed at every level.  IMA is demanding a stringent Central Anti quackery Law in the country from the Government. The rising problem of MDR-TB, antibiotic resistance can be largely attributed to Anti Quackery in the country.

IMA wants major amendments in the Clinical Establishment Act and PC-PNDT Act.

IMA is against the Panchayati Raj system.  The idea of the Clinical Establishment Act should be to provide minimum standards of care at every level for which single entry level NABH accreditation should be taken into account and implemented.

IMA and Central Ministry should sit together to find an answer for filling the MBBS and Specialist Posts in the rural areas.

Today, there is a lack of communication between the doctors in the private field with that of Govt. health programmes. Also, today, no private doctor is informed on a regular basis about the introduction of new drugs or banning of drugs etc. IMA can be the only Association which can bridge this gap and connect the national health programmes to the doctors. The standard of care should be the same though the magnitude of care may differ.  IMA is offering its services to the Govt. in building capacity of healthcare service at a national level.

IMA is for holistic treatment approach for the treatment of the patient.

IMA will promote the concept of wellness more than the concept of disease treatment and is not averse to combining the philosophy of Vedic medicine including Yoga and Mind-Body medicine in providing holistic health care.

IMA is the collective consciousness of over 2.5 lakh doctors and together with the Govt. can make a difference, which can create wonders in the healthcare delivery system in the country.

IMA is emphasizing the concept of Self-Regulation more than the Govt. coming out with regulations.

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