Tuesday, 25 April 2017

206th WMA Council Meeting Report: Salient points

206th WMA Council Meeting Report: Salient points • Dr Ketan Desai, President World Medical Association (WMA) and Chairman International Wing IMA, addressed a press conference on 18th April along with Dr Arron President Zambia Medical Association, Dr Hoven Ardis Chair WMA and Dr Otmar Kloiber Secretary General WMA. • The African initiative undertaken by WMA towards empowering National Medical Association of South African countries so as to play important role in the policy making by the respective governments pertaining to health professionals and health acre. • Dr Desai, led the deliberations at the executive committee meeting on 19th April 2017. • Dr Desai was at the head table in the 206th council meeting of WMA held on 20-22nd April 2017. • In his Presidential report, Dr Desai brought out various initiatives and dispensations by him on behalf of WMA during the impending period from October 2016 till date were adopted. • At the said council meeting, key documents readied under the leadership of IMA pertaining to Assisted Reproductive Technologies and HIV-AIDS and the medical profession were presented and deliberated by Dr KK Aggarwal National President IMA and were adopted by the council and were to assembly for acceptance. • The creative contribution by the IMA towards these two document was acclaimed and appreciated by the council. • The document readied and presented by Dr KK Aggarwal on TB is being circulated to member countries for their inputs. • The observations given on behalf of IMA on documents pertaining to medical education and quality assurance in medical education were also taken note off by the council. • Dr Ajay Kumar deliberated on all issues of WMA as the council member putting forth the views of IMA. • Dr Desai, in the reception function hosted by ZMA in honor of HE Mr Edgar President of ZMA, in his address emphasized allocation of greater role and responsibility to the African countries so that they are in the main stream of global participation. • The speech delivered by Dr Desai as President WMA was very well received by all. • IMA and China Medical Association also signed an MOU under IMA-CMA initiative. • Dr Ved Prakash Mishra will be representing IMA in the WMA advocacy group and will also chair a session on medical education in Chicago. • Dr KK Aggarwal and Dr Vinay Aggarwal were re-nominated for another term on the ethics committee of WMA. • The visibility of the IMA at the council meeting by virtue of well-articulated participation on all matters before the council meeting for consideration was noteworthy and well-recognized. • IMA interacted with other member countries on the side-lines of the council meeting on the matters of mutual concerns and interests and for evolving a roadmap for formal joint ventures. • With Spain Medical Association, a formal round of talks on forging a common associated group with like-minded NMAs on the issue of organ trafficking and transplantation was also discussed. • The general assembly of the WMA would be held at Chicago in October 2017.

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