Friday, 21 April 2017

National Black Day on April 27

National Black Day on April 27 Dear Colleague The 217th CWC at Kolkata has condemned and opposed the West Bengal Clinical Establishment (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Act 2017. The hostility displayed by this Act on doctors, health care workers and the hospitals is unacceptable. All the state branches unanimously decided to voice their concern regarding the national repercussions of the Act. The Central Working Committee dedicated the major part of its sitting to this issue and closed sine die hours before schedule in protest. The CWC also decided to observe a National Black Day on Thursday 27.04 .2017. Accordingly, all the state branches are hereby directed to inform all their members through their local branches to observe the National Black Day on 27. 04. 2017 against the West Bengal CEA. The observation shall be a peaceful demonstration of our solidarity with the suffering doctors of West Bengal. The following actions may be taken up at state and local branches level: - 1. Black badges to be worn by all members. 2. All hospitals and clinics to display black cloth in their notice board with explanation. 3. All state branches to send uniformly formatted email opposing the Act to the Chief Minister of West Bengal. 4. The details of the Act to be communicated to all members during a protest meeting/executive of the local branch. 5. Signature campaign: An All India signature campaign to be started. Each State to mobilise maximum number of signatures with credible e mail IDs and address details. The petition must be addressed to the Chief Minister of West Bengal. A copy may be retained at the state branch. A Xerox copy may be sent to IMA HQs. 6. A social media signature campaign is to be initiated from IMA HQs. The state branches may facilitate this initiative. 7. A state level press conference should be conducted by all state branches giving details and repercussions of this Act on the Health of the Nation.

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