Saturday, 2 December 2017

Beware of email frauds

Beware of email frauds

We often come across multiple scam activities carried out under the names of organizations such as WMA, IMA, CSI. The frequency and aggressiveness of these scams have increased in recent past and they have become more convincing.

You may receive e-mails informing you that a person you know is stuck somewhere while traveling (money lost, accident, visa problems etc.) and urgently needs cash. Names of WMA/ IMA/CSI or other such names are used as senders to convince you to help or that the person in need is somebody you might actually know.

In a second wave people will call you (!) and urge you to help. The calls are very demanding, the stories sound reasonable. But upon checking, you will find them to be false.

Please do not react to such demands, if you cannot verify authenticity of the writer and/or caller.

E-mail addresses and phone numbers mentioned are no insurance for authenticity.

Do not reveal any other data, like mentioning other names or organizations.

If you think you need to help, ensure authenticity first through an independent pathway that is not mentioned in the scam, to make sure the request is real.

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