Friday, 8 December 2017

Straight from the Heart: IMA Online Initiatives

Straight from the Heart: IMA Online Initiatives

IMA has taken several online initiatives to make it easy for doctors to either report required information or access information. Mentioned below are the links to these online initiatives. Please save these links and also share them with all members and your doctor friends.

1. IMA Rare Blood Group Online Blood Bank Directory

2. IMA Online TB Notification initiative

3. IMA Online Events Reporting initiative

4. Proforma for Hypertension Screening

5. IMA Online Sentinel Events Reporting Initiative

6. IMA Disease Notification


8. IMA Blood Donation Initiative

9. IMA Flag Salutation 

10. IMA Prayer 

11. IMA Digital TV

12. IMA Slide Share

13. I Pledge My Organ

14. IMA Live

15. eMedinexus/ART

16. eMedinexus/Satyagraha

18. IMA/Satyagraha

19  IMA/Webcast

20.  IMA Digital TV

21. BMI Calculator 

22 eMedi Calculator SI to Conventional Unit Converter

23. SMS Extractor

24.  eMail Extractor

25 eIMANews

26 eJIMA

27 IMA Diabetes Survey 

27 IMA Radio

28 Dilli Chalo

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