Sunday, 31 July 2016

AAP updates guidelines for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

AAP updates guidelines for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated guidelines to diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, published online July 27, 2016 in the journal Pediatrics. The new guidelines recommend evaluation of maternal alcohol consumption and that she should be interviewed carefully. Begin with more general questions about the child's health and then narrowing the focus to alcohol during and before pregnancy. The definition of alcohol exposure may include at least 6 drinks per week during at least 2 weeks of pregnancy, or at least 3 drinks per occasion on 2 or more occasions. Facial features should be evaluated. A positive result includes 2 of the following 3 criteria: short palpebral fissures, smooth philtrum, and thin vermilion border of the upper lip. If either facial features or maternal alcohol intake are positive, a neuropsychology evaluation is recommended. The guidelines also include a time line of the emergence of different developmental deficits, giving information on what to look for in infants, toddlers, and school-age children (Source: Medscape)

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