Monday, 15 August 2016

IMA leaders unite towards the cause of making emergency medical care more accessible in India

IMA leaders unite towards the cause of making emergency medical care more accessible in India Pledge to be the voices against rampant practice of female feticide at a National Leadership Meet in Jaipur New Delhi, August 13, 2016: A National Leadership Meet of the Indian Medical Association, the oldest and largest representative organization of doctors of modern scientific medicine is being held on Saturday in the pink city of Jaipur. The one-day meeting will see an attendance of over 100 heads of the national body. The main agenda of the National Leadership Meet is to evaluate and discuss issues of National importance affecting the functioning and efficacy of the medical community in the country and to put together a list of demands for the Central Government to action. Addressing a press meet in Jaipur Dr SS Agarwal – National President IMA and Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal – Honorary Secretary General IMA in a joint statement said, “Today the medical profession faces more challenges than ever before and we must stand together as a strong one voice against them. By standing as a unified force during the difficult times we are confident that we will succeed in our aim of restoring the nobility, honesty and integrity of the medical profession in India. The IMA stands for accountability and regulation of practice. But we are against inspector Raj, multiple registrations for a doctor, multiple levels of accountibility and multiple windows for the registration of a medical establishment. We believe that instead of regulatory bodies making laws, it is the duty of the medical association to make way for self-regulation”. The 100 IMA leaders present at the conference will also deliberate ways in which emergency medical care can be made accessible to each and every person irrespective of his/her economical background. All those present will take an oath to collectively work towards exposing all doctors and patients who indulge in the practice of female feticide. IMA welcome IRDA’s decision to have all medical establishments on panel with insurance companies to have entry level NABH and the surface transport ministries decision to create a separate fund for first aid for rode traffic accidents. IMA Rajasthan announced the launch of a Jan Aushadi Kendre that will provide low cost and quality drugs to the masses. IMA headquarters already run one at New Delhi. A few key asks collated by the National leaders during the meet include: • Single window registration of medical establishments • Central act protecting medical establishments against violence • While IMA is not against regulation, it is against the appointment of multiple agencies for investigation of medical negligence cases. Instead it believes that all cases of professional misconduct should first be evaluated by the state medical council and then either discharged or referred to various other penal agencies • IMA wants uniform increase in retirement age to 65 across states and centers and all medical establishments private or government including PSU’s • IMA wants every patient to be treated free in emergencies and feels that those who cannot afford should be taken care by the State. In cases where the State cannot provide that facility, they should be allowed to be treated at any private institution and get reimbursed at government rates. • IMA feels that clinical trials need to be promoted in the country and giving more powers to the ethics committee is the only answer. IMA has already applied for permission to set up an ethics committee at a National level • IMA announces that doctors across the country will adopt female child • IMA also announced that on 3v3ry 9th Private IMA doctors will provide free ante natal consultations to pregnant women.

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