Tuesday, 9 August 2016

IMA Safe Syringe Initiative

IMA Safe Syringe Initiative 1. Say No to injections. 2. IV to Oral Early Switch 3. Use Syringes which can not be reused and do not lead to accidental needle stick injury. 4. 16 Billion injections per year world over 90% (curative care), 5% (Immunization) 5. 40% reused injections (21 Million New HIV, 2 Million new HCV & 2.6 lac new HIV cases) 6. 3 Million Needle stick injuries (37% of all new HBV, 39% new HCV & 5.5% of all new HIV cases 7. 56% of patients receive one injection 8. Injection per person per year 1.7 – 11.3 9. Sterile hypodemic syringe for single use Auto disposable syringe for fixed dose Immunization- Sterile hypodemic syringe for single use with a reuse prevention feature Sterile hypodemic syringe with a sharp injury protection feature (SIPs)

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