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Dilli Chalo Movement: A Big Thank You to each one of you for making it a historical success

Dilli Chalo Movement: A Big Thank You to each one of you for making it a historical success

June 6, 2017 will be a memorable day in the history of IMA and will be observed as IMA Sangharsh Day from now onwards. The event had unprecedented attendance and participation, which made it the success that it was.

·         Total views in IMA Website Dilli Chalo: 34,767
·         Total Webcast views in Facebook: 9000
·         Physical attendance: > 10,000
·         Petitions signed in IMA Website: 65277
·         More than a lakh were connected to the movement.
Records in the centenary year
·         Largest rally
·         Largest gathering in any non-academic event

 Dear friends, I am touched. I am speechless. I am emotional. This is unbelievable. But in my heart, I knew that we could do it. I knew the strength and the capabilities of my Team IMA.

 This event was a culmination of the hard work and effort put in by us over the last two and a half years. It was not a protest nor a strike, it was a satyagraha, a peaceful movement organized by the IMA to make the nation aware of the issues confronting the doctors in the country.

 We began with the campaign “Team IMA” and followed it up with subsequent campaigns “Digital IMA”, “Team Digital IMA”, “IMA Rise and Shine” and finally “IMA 1 Voice”.

 Graded protest days followed (IMA Solidarity Day, IMA Black Badge Day, IMA Protest Day etc)
 Today “Dilli Chalo” has proven our strength as IMA 1 Voice. Now is the time to sustain and further strengthen the IMA 1 Voice movement.

 All attendees of Dilli Chalo movement should become IMA brand ambassadors and speak out about IMA all across the country.

 Some immediate results
·         DGHS Dr Jagdish Prasad had a meeting with us
·         Health Secretary Sh C K Mishra announced MOH monthly meetings with IMA officials
·         Health Minister Shri JP Nadda announced a high-powered meeting with all senior officials in the third week of June to look into all IMA issues.

Additionally, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal and Delhi Health Minister agreed to many IMA view-points.
 But doston, picture abhi baki hai…

 Our next slogan “Do not force us to go to a nation-wide strike”
 Special acknowledgments

 I would like to express my special thanks to the following whose erudite guidance and contributions were instrumental in shaping this movement.

·         Dr Ketan Desai for his patronage to IMA
·         Dr R N Tandon, my right hand
·         Dr V K Monga for his all-time help
·         Dr RV Asokan and Dr Marthanda Pillai, the strategic planners
·         Dr Vinay Aggarwal for leading from the front
·         Dr Ravi Wankhedkar the incoming National President
·         All Past National Presidents for their guidance.
·         Past HSGs (specially Dr Narendra Saini, Dr DR Rai)
·         All working committee and central council members
·         All office bearers of IMA and all the wings of IMA
·         Team Delhi led by Dr Vijay Malhotra and Dr Satish Tyagi
·         All State Presidents and Secretaries
·         Dr Ashwani Dalmia, Dr Vinod Khetrapal and Dr Anil Goel for working tirelessly
·         Dr Manjul Mehta and Dr AP Singh for shouldering all responsibilities given
·         Dr Arun Gupta and Dr Girish Tyagi for guidance
·         Dr Naresh Chawla for leading Team IMA North Delhi
·         Dr Anil Aggarwal leading the Team DMA Nursing Home Forum
·         Dr B Gupta and Dr Rajiv Dhir for helping me in all my endeavors
·         Dr Ramesh Dutta for leading Team IMA West Zone Delhi
·         Dr Ravi Malik for all the police permissions
·         Dr Ajay Lekhi and Dr Nelam Lekhi for leading Team IMA East
·         All past state presidents (Special thanks to Dr Anil Goyal)
·         All FOMA members (FOGSI, ASI, Anaesthesia, IAP, NNF, IRIA and others)
·         All corporate hospitals and CEOs (Dr Anupam Sibbal, Dr OP Yadava, Dr N Trehan, Rajit Mehta and others)
·         All my senior colleagues from the medical profession including Dr Narottam Puri, Dr Vijay Agarwal, Dr Girdhar Giyani, Dr Alex and others for their advise
·         All signatories to the petition
·         All medical students and young doctors’ network
·         Staff of IMA, DMA, IJCP, eMedinews, eMedinexus and Heart Care Foundation of India
·         And finally, all others who could not get their name  in the above list but have contributed significantly and silently

 I salute all of you for giving me the courage in taking this event forward.

  Dr KK Aggarwal

National President IMA

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