Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Picture Abhi Baki Hai, Mere Dost…

Picture Abhi Baki Hai, Mere Dost… The “Dilli Chalo” movement organized by the Indian Medical Association on the 6th of this month was a resounding success. The capital witnessed a huge nation-wide participation of doctors. More than one lakh doctors were connected to each other that day and achieved the required critical mass of 1% of collective consciousness. I will here try to elucidate on what is “collective consciousness”. Some of you would be familiar with the term. Consciousness is an energized field of information with powers to do everything in the universe. Collective consciousness is the internet of the collective souls of many people in a group and is the strongest superpower ever available in the universe. As per the Vedic texts, whatever is the intent of collective consciousness will become a reality. Scientifically speaking, collective consciousness is based on the principle of critical mass, which is 1% of the defined population under study. The origin of the critical mass comes from “100th monkey phenomenon”. “Long ago in Japan a monkey called Emo used to eat dirty apples everyday picked up from the ground. One day by accident the apple fell down in a river, the dirt got washed off and he ate the washed apple. Obviously it tasted delicious. The monkey started washing the apple thereafter every day before eating. His fellow monkeys started following the same. The process of following went on. When the 100th monkey washed the apple and ate it, a strange phenomenon was noticed. All monkeys in and around that state started washing the apple before eating.” This 100thmonkey was the critical mass. Once this mass is crossed, the information will spread like a wild fire and the intent becomes a universal reality. The Merriam Webster English Dictionary gives the meaning of critical mass as “a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result”. We are not criminals and no criminal prosecution clause should be made applicable to medical professionals as also in the West Bengal Clinical Establishments (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Bill 2017 and now in the recently passed Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Amendment Bill 2017. We need to remain true to the spirit of “IMA 1 Voice”. Our focus should not shift. We should not weaken in our resolve to achieve justice for the medical fraternity in the country. Today “Dilli Chalo” has proven our strength as IMA 1 Voice. Now is the time to sustain and further strengthen the IMA 1 Voice movement. I ask all those who attended or participated digitally in the movement to become IMA brand ambassadors and speak out about IMA all across the country. We achieved the required critical mass of 1% of collective consciousness on 6th June. People have been sensitized. But, this is not the end of the road for us. Lot more needs to be done. What decisions we take now will be crucial. Here I am reminded of that iconic line from the Shahrukh Khan movie ‘Om Shanti Om’… “Picture abhi baki hai, mere dost… Yes, picture abhi baki hai, mere dost… Our next slogan is “Do not force us to go to a nation-wide strike from 18th August”.

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