Sunday, 12 November 2017

IMA Policy on Antibiotics

IMA Policy on Antibiotics

At the Antimicrobial Resistance Conference, held in New Delhi yesterday, to discuss the IMA Antibiotic Policy, the following decisions were taken.

  • Doctors should write the antibiotic in a box to differentiate it from other drugs in the prescription.
  • The role of antibiotics should be discussed in an informed consent.
  • When prescribing antibiotics, clear instructions should be given to the patient about no refill of antibiotic prescription without signature of the doctor.
  • No antibiotic cover or prophylactic antibiotic should be given without a high degree of clinical suspicion.
  • No antibiotics should be prescribed in following conditions:
o    Small bowel diarrhea
o    Fever with cough and cold
o    Dengue
o    Chikungunya
o    Malaria
o    Fever with rash

  • Early initiation of antibiotics is the rule in suspected sepsis, bacterial pneumonia, meningitis and confirmed TB.
  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) should make it mandatory for food companies to label all poultry and agriculture products as “Antibiotic-free”.
  • IMA will be writing to the Health Ministry to formulate clear guidelines about safer disposal of left over antibiotics.

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