Monday, 4 April 2016

I am an Ultrasonologist,

I am an Ultrasonologist,

Trained to help mothers know their baby is fine
That's all that is my concern,

Why should I be the one to pay the fine?

I don't have to raise your daughter,
I don't have to pay her fees,
I'm not the one who needs to raise her dowry,
It's not my job for her in-laws to please.

Neither is your son going take care for me,
When I am old and lame,
Nor is he going to carry forward,
My family name.

Why in the world would it matter to me,
Whether you have a daughter or son,
It is YOU who want to know,
Unless you ask, my interest is none!

And if I don't tell you,
You'll take the poor girl to some one,
Who is less trained or maybe a quack,
Her life is at stake for that much desired son!
So who is at fault here?
Me or your male chauvinism?
Then why is it that I am criminalized,
While you are having all the fun!
Wake up you murderers,
It's time you realized,
Don't ask us for the child's gender,
A daughter is more prized.
So allow us to do our job,
Helping mothers and babies...
Don't blame an entire nation's convoluted mentality
On us Ultrasonologists...


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