Tuesday, 5 April 2016

In endometriosis look for underlying heart disease

Cardiologists and Gynaecologist need to work together

In endometriosis look for underlying heart disease

Endometriosis raises the summary risk for any coronary heart disease by 62% overall and by a staggering 200% in women age 40 or younger as per Nurses' Health Study 2 analysis.

The association between endometriosis and CHD is consistent no matter how CHD was defined (MI, angina, or coronary bypass/angioplasty/stent).

Women with endometriosis are known to have systemic, chronic inflammation, an atherogenic lipid profile, heightened oxidative stress, and several overlapping risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Endometriosis is thought to affect about 10% of women of reproductive age.

Compared with women without endometriosis, women with endometriosis were 1.52 times more likely to have an MI, 1.91 times more likely to develop angiographically confirmed angina, and 1.35 times more likely to need CABG surgery, a coronary angioplasty procedure, or a stent.

The association was independent of several potential confounders, including use of oral contraceptives and hormone-replacement therapy.

The research is published online March 29, 2016 in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes.
The cardiologist does need to be aware of whether the woman has undergone surgical menopause, regardless of her age, and that surgical menopause may be conferring cardiovascular risk.

Prevention is the most critical piece of women in heart disease because once women get heart disease, their outcomes are significantly worse.

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