Friday, 15 April 2016

IMA supports chewable tobacco ban in Delhi

IMA supports chewable tobacco ban in Delhi

Indian Medical Association and Heart Care Foundation of India has welcomed the decision of Delhi Government to ban for one year the sale, purchase and storage of all forms of chewable tobacco, including guktha, pan masala, khaini and zarda.

The Department of Food Safety has issued a notification in this regard.

The manufacture, storage, distribution, or sale of tobacco which is either flavoured, scented or mixed, and whether going by the name or form of gutka, pan masala, flavoured/scented tobacco, kharra, or otherwise, whether packaged or unpackaged and/or sold as one product, or though packaged as separate products, sold or distributed in such manner so as to easily facilitate mixing by the consumer is prohibited for a period of one year.

Reacting on the move Dr K K Aggarwal, Honorary Secretary General IMA said that the move helps counter tobacco retailers selling gutkha components separately.

Oral and spit tobacco increase the risk for leukoplakia a precursor to oral cancer.

Chewing tobacco has been known to cause cancer particularly of the mouth and throat.

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