Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mandatory sex test on fetus: Maneka Gandhi

Mandatory sex test on fetus: Maneka Gandhi

A twenty-year-old ban on fetal sex determination may be lifted, recent statements by Maneka Gandhi, Union Women and Child Development Minister, indicate.

She made four overarching points sustaining this perspective:

1)    A proposal at the Cabinet level is under discussion to create a system to track female feticide (by parents) attempts instead of punishing the associated agents involved in the medical processes
2)    Termination of pregnancy would have to be linked with a medical certificate citing the reason for abortion for those registering the sex of the fetus
3)    This move would encourage institutional deliveries and automatically resolve home deliveries in parts of the country. Home deliveries are particularly subject to feticide as these are unmonitored.
4)    Prisons are overburdened so instead of penal action, the goal should be eradication of the feticide practice.

While holding the status of the fastest growing economy in the world, incidence of feticide is something that is caused by a lack of education and poverty, and could severely skew sex ratios which could have multi-generational implications.

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