Sunday, 7 February 2016

State Leadership Meet: Some Resolutions and Homework for IMA Leaders

State Leadership Meet: Some Resolutions and Homework for IMA Leaders 

·         Add 25000 new members to IMA this year. Focus on new MBBS graduates. Emphasize MCI Code of Ethics Regulations 1.2.2: “Membership in Medical Society: For the advancement of his profession, a physician should affiliate with associations and societies of allopathic medical professions and involve actively in the functioning of such bodies.” IMA is designing a welcome kit for all members enrolled. Every IMA leader to make at least one new member this year “Each One, Makes One” campaign.
·         Adopt (sponsor) one girl child (empower the girl child): This can be education, health or social. It is not legal adoption but IMA's concern about the girl child. No needy girl should be devoid of education or health facility just because she cannot afford it.
·         Observe Sunday as IMA SUNshine Community Service Day. Organize one community service and record the quantum of service. 
·         Observe IMA self code of conduct (empathy, engagement and education)
·         Observe every Friday 4 pm as: "Mosquito Breeding Checking Drive"
·         IMA Months

o    February: IMA resolutions to be communicated to all members 
o    March: TB Awareness
o    April: Diabetes Awareness
o    May: Anti Tobacco Awareness
o    June: Climate change and environment 
o    July: Blood donation, membership drive 
o    August: Adopt a girl child (empowering the girl child), Breastfeeding 
o    September: Heart Disease Awareness
o    October: Elderly and oldest old 
o    November: Rights of the Child 
o    December: HIV-AIDS and STIs

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