Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Should we adopt Brazil Model to fight Dengue?

Should we adopt Brazil Model to fight Dengue?  
Dr K K Aggarwal
Brazil has deployed over 2 million armed force personnel recently to fight Zika. These have been accompanied by mosquito control teams and community health agents to help educate the people on how they can eliminate mosquito breeding zones in their neighbourhood. The teams have an ambitious target of visiting 30 lakh homes in 350 cities to hand people explanatory pamphlets. Wearing a t-shirt with the “Zero Zika” Slogan, the Brazilian Presdient Dilma Rousseff visited the Brazilian working class neighborhood of Zepelin. Mayor Eduardo Paes and the Rio State Governer Luiz Fernando Pezao also accompanied her. They spoke to residents about the importance of eliminating the breeding areas of the mosquito that also transmits Yellow Fever, Dengue and Chikunguniya. Setting an example, she also sprayed insecticide in certain drains that were possible mosquito breeding areas. To attract the attention of commuters at Rio’s main train station, an army band played Michael Jackson’s music while soldiers distributed flyers with information on eliminating mosquito breeding places. The Aedes aegypti mosquito lives mostly inside houses and can lay eggs in scarce stagnant water, for example even a bottle cap. The dishes below potted plants are their favourite spot, as are abandoned tires, bird feeders and even the little rainwater puddles that collect in the folds of plastic tarps. This year, one of the Indian states, if not all, should adopt this type of campaign and declare war against the Aedes Mosquito. Will Delhi do it?

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