Monday, 15 February 2016

Who pays for the tracking device on ultrasound?

Who pays for the tracking device on ultrasound?
IMA, IRIA and a few Ultrasound centers have challenged the order dated 06.05.2015 passed by the Secretary/Director, State Appropriate Authority P.C & P.N.D.T., MP, whereby the District Appropriate Authority/District Collectors have been directed to make sure that a Tracker Device (Active Tracker/Silent Observer) is installed on all Ultrasonography Machines in the district within a period of one month. It has also been directed that for any new registration as well as for renewal of registration of all Ultrasonography machines, installation of the aforementioned Tracker Device shall be mandatory. In addition to this it has been further directed that the entire installation expenditure will be borne by the center.
The MP high court at Jabalpur gave an interim relief. Learned senior counsel for the petitioners submitted that in some sonography centers at Indore tracker device has been installed on the expenditure of the State Government However, by the impugned order the petitioners are being asked to install the tracker device on their own expenses.
Taking into account the submission made by learned senior counsel for the petitioners and in the facts of the case, the high court directed that till next date of hearing no coercive action shall be taken against the petitioners in pursuance of the impugned order dated 6.5.2015. However, the State Government would be at liberty to install the tracker device on its own expenses, if so advised.

The stay is still on. (Write Petition No. 21144/2015)

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