Thursday, 17 March 2016

IMA PvPI Issues Drug Alert

IMA PvPI Issues Drug Alert
New Delhi, March 16, 2016: IMA today released drug adverse reactions in relation to five common drugs used in clinical practice.
Adverse Reaction
Generalized tonic-clonic seizures; partialseizures; status epilepticus
Generalized tonic-clonic seizures; partialseizures; status epilepticus
Risk of ulcer complication
Schizophrenia, acute mania episodes inbipolar disorder
Locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that is anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)
Risk of cardiac failure
Dr SS Agarwal National President and Dr K K Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA, in a statement said that IMA has communicated to its 2.5 lac doctor members to closely monitor the possibility of the above adverse events while prescribing above suspected drugs and report to the IMA PvPI hotline 9717776514.
IMA PvPI initiative monitors adverse drug reactions which can be known or unknown, serious or not serious. 

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