Monday, 19 September 2016

Artamine shortage

Artamine shortage The age old drug first manufactured in the early 1960"s that has suddenly become scare and has gone out of production. Patients with Wilson disease (copper overload) with liver, neurological and psychiatric manifestations have been treated with D-penicillamine since 1960's. D-penicillamine is an excellent chelator and patients have to be on this drug lifelong because of the genetic nature of the disease. Since the last 6 months 3-4 different companies in India that were producing the drug have stopped production of D-penicillamine (Brand names CILAMIN or ARTAMINE 250 mg). It appears the raw material that was coming from China is no longer available. Patients particularly children and adolescents and young adults are the most affected. Kindly contact the concerned authorities and facilitate the manufacturing of this essential drug.

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