Friday, 30 September 2016

The medical voice works: the success: D Penicillamine comes back in the market

The medical voice works: the success: D Penicillamine comes back in the market Dear All September 13, we raised the issue of shortage of D Penicillamine. Patients with Wilson disease (copper overload) with liver, neurological and psychiatric manifestations are treated with D-penicillamine. D-penicillamine is an excellent chelator and patients have to be on this drug lifelong because of the genetic nature of the disease. Since the last 6 months 3-4 different companies in India that were producing the drug had stopped production of D-penicillamine (Brand names CILAMIN or ARTAMINE 250 mg). It appeared that the raw material that was coming from China was no longer available. Patients particularly children and adolescents and young adults are the most affected. Our voice was listened to . Panacea Biotec one of the manufacturer has ensured limited availability of Life Saving Drug Cilamin 250 Capsule (D-Penicillamine IP 250 mg) Cilamin 250 Capsule used for treatment of Wilsons disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions witnessed short supply in the market during the last few months due to non-availability of raw material D-Penicillamine in India. Panacea Biotec, India's leading biotechnology company, has informed us that Cilamin 250 Capsules for treatment of above conditions has been made available in limited quantities in the retail market. Due to continuous efforts the company has resumed limited production of Cilamin 250 and have released limited quantities in the market from 26.9.2016. Some of the key initiatives taken by Panacea Biotec to ensure availability of Cilamin 250 to patients are as follows:- I. Delivered Cilamin 250 to approximately 300 patients so far by rationing safety stocks to all who could reach us through various forums. 2. Launched a website for emergency supplies to patients and for access to latest information on its availability. 3. Formed a WhatsApp Group Cilamin Support (+91 9350588528) of Patients, Doctors, Company Executives for monitoring and support. 4. Formed Twitter handler @Cilamin250 for real time communication 5. Formed Facebook page for real time communication. 6. Supply of new batches with limited quantities of Cilamin 250 have started from 26.9.16 As per the company it would take additional 2-4 weeks for access to additional quantities of raw material and additional 4 weeks for Cilamin 250 supplies to normalize. Dr K K Aggarwal National President Elect IMA

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