Friday, 30 September 2016

Nine preventable risk factors are responsible for 90% of heart attacks

Nine preventable risk factors are responsible for 90% of heart attacks New Delhi, September 29, 2016: One can prevent heart attacks. Nine preventable risk factors are responsible for 90% of heart attacks, said Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal – President Heart Care Foundation of India & National President Elect IMA on the occasion of World Heart Day. These are (in order of importance): 1. Increased LDL/HDL ratios (elevated bad LDL and low good HDL cholesterol levels) 2. Smoking 3. Diabetes 4. Hypertension 5. Abdominal obesity 6. Psychosocial (stress or depression) 7. Failure to eat fruits and vegetables daily 8. Failure to exercise 9. Failure to drink any alcohol The forthcoming MTNL Perfect Health Mela being organized from Health & F.W. Dept. NCT Delhi, MTNL, NDMC & other Central & Delhi state Government department by HCFI will focus on screening these nine risk factor added Dr K K Aggarwal One can prevent heart attack by following Dr KK’s Formula of 80. 1. Keep lower BP, bad cholesterol levels, resting heart rate, fasting sugar and abdominal girth levels all less than 80. 2. Keep kidney and lung functions more than 80%. 3. Engage in recommended amounts of physical activity (minimum 80 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise per week). Our recommendation is to walk 80 minutes a day and for 80 minutes per week the speed should be 80 steps per minute 4. Eat less and not more than 80 gm of ml of caloric food each meal. Follow a healthy diet (high fiber, low saturated fat, zero trans fat, low refined carbohydrate, low salt, high in fruits). Refined carbohydrates are white rice white maida and white rice. 5. Doing 80 cycles of pranayama a day 6. Spend 80 minutes with yourself every day (relaxation, meditation, helping others etc) 7. Do not smoke or be ready to dole out Rs 80,000/– for treatment. 8. Those who drink, do not want to stop and there is no contraindication, limit alcohol use to no more than 80 ml per day for men (50% for women) or 80 grams per week. 10 grams of alcohol is present in 30 ml or 1 oz of 80 proof liquor. Diabetes can be prevented by controlling five lifestyle factors. These are: 1. Follow a healthy diet 2. Maintain an optimal body weight (less than 23 × height in meters × height in meters) 3. Engage in recommended amounts of physical activity. 4. Limiting alcohol to recommended amount. 5. Not smoking. When and how to suspect a heart attack? 1. Chest pain, burning, discomfort, heaviness in the center of the chest lasting for over 30 seconds and not localized to a point. 2. First onset acidity after the age of 40 first rules out heart attack 3. First attack of asthma after the age of 40 may be heart asthma 4. Any symptom which is unusual, and appearing for the first time and cannot be explained: contact your doctors In heart attack what to do? 1. Do not panic 2. Chew a tablet of water–soluble 300 mg aspirin at the onset of chest pain. You will not die. 3. Call 42000565 or reach Moolchand Medcity within three hours of chest pain for a clot removal procedure. We will not let you die. If someone dies what to do? 1. The soul does not leave the body for 10 minutes 2. Within ten minute of death for the next 10 minutes do effective chest compression with a speed of 100 per minute. 80% people can be revived.

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