Friday, 2 September 2016

Paradigm shift in Aedes Mosquitoes over the last decade

Paradigm shift in Aedes Mosquitoes over the last decade​

Dr K K Aggarwal

Then - It bites only in the day.
Now - It bites in the light. Day and night does not matter.

Then - It breeds in safe water.
Now - It breeds in stagnant water from natural sources.

Then - It breeds only inside the house.
Now - It breeds both inside and outside the house, in any discarded objects/containers with stagnant rainy water collection.

Then - Mosquito breeds in water tanks on the roof and coolers.
Now - It breeds both in small and large water collections. It can even grow in the caps of bottled water.

Then - Mosquito grows high in environment.
Now - Mosquito grows low in environment. Look for it lower in the walls.

Then - Mosquito nets are not needed to prevent dengue.
Now - When you sleep during day or night, use mosquito net during an outbreak.

Then - You only need to notify the confirmed cases.
Now - You also need to notify suspected cases

Then - Mosquito can lay eggs anywhere.
Now - Mosquito does not prefer to lay eggs on earthen utensils.

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