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Components of a consultation

Components of a consultation

Dr K K Aggarwal, National President IMA

IMA is keen to determine optimum rates for professional consultations in different outpatient and inpatient settings. Most professionals are not even aware of the complexities that are a part of a so-called "simple consultation".

IMA has formed a time bound committee, IMA costing department with Dr Vijay Agarwal (9818766000) as its chairman.

IMA has made a preliminary effort in detailing the components of consultation that should ideally be compensated.

Mentioned below is a template and we request you to fill in the amount that you are charging presently and what you should be charging.

How much time do you think is required to fulfill the obligations of a proper consultation?

Actions Required
Charges INR
Registering a patient
First time registration requires capturing demographic details, allergies, data to be preserved for 3 years (MCI) / 7 Years (Income Tax)

Acknowledge patient; introducing yourself,; ensure privacy & confidentiality; hand wash before and after examining; detailed history taking; making a summary of past voluminous records; undressing and examination; planning and counseling for investigations; making provisional diagnosis; writing detailed prescription as per MCI code of ethics; planning and counseling for medications and additional diet, rehab, sexual, mental counseling.

Notifiable diseases
Communicable diseases
Adverse reactions
Medicolegal cases
Sentinel events
Antimicrobial resistance
Drugs/Devices/Vaccines/ Herbs/Blood reactions  

Leave, fitness, rest etc.

Skilled Maneuvers
Taking Blood Pressure in all the four limbs, apley maneuver etc

Skilled Procedure
Removing Foreign Body
Gastric Suction
Pharyngeal/ Laryngeal Suction

Point of Care Investigations
Blood Sugar

Observation / Monitoring  if Required
Following a Drug Test
Fainting attack

First Aid

(Contributions from Dr Vijay Agarwal, Chairman IMA Costing Department)

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