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Noise pollution: IMA Safe Sound Initiative

Noise pollution: IMA Safe Sound Initiative

The National Initiative for Safe Sound is one of the important social projects of National IMA started two years back. This Initiative has been taken up by IMA as an awareness campaign on the serious health issues of the Noise Pollution.  
Not only is noise a primary reason for permanent deafness worldwide, it also has a lot of deleterious effects on our vital organs like brain and sympathetic nerve system, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune systems etc.  It aggravates all lifestyle diseases including hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and malignancies.  As you are aware, our country is the noisiest place in the world and at the same time public is hardly aware of these health issues.
Considering all these facts, IMA, under the leadership of Immediate Past President Dr Marthanda Pillai and Honorary Secretary General Dr KK Agarwal initiated this project in 2014. The activities for the National Initiative for Safe Sound continued this year too with the support of National President Dr SS Agarwal.  In the last two years most of the activities were in south India, Maharashtra and Delhi and we could do a lot in this regard in these places.
The incoming National President and present Honorary Secretary General wish to continue this project in a much more effective way by implementing the project in all the states in India. He has asked me, as the National coordinator of IMA National Initiative for Safe Sound, to suggest one senior IMA leader as coordinator in every state, preferably an ENT person (but not necessarily so if a doctor from any other specialty is really interested to take up this project).
Being the IMA State President of your state, I would request you to nominate such a person as the State coordinator of IMA National Initiative for Safe Sound and let me know his email address and telephone number.
Please consider this as urgent as I have been asked by the Honorary Secretary General to give the list of state coordinators by the 18th of December.
I am copying this mail to our HSG Dr KK Aggarwal, IMA NISS Chairman Dr KA Seethi and Convenor Dr CN Raja.
Expecting your urgent attention and valuable cooperation.

Yours in IMA

Dr John Panicker
Trivandrum, Kerala
National Coordinator, IMA Safe Sound Initiative

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