Tuesday, 3 January 2017

IMA embraces the Prime Minister’s Digital India Movement; pledge to function in a paperless manner in 2017

IMA embraces the Prime Minister’s Digital India Movement; pledge to function in a paperless manner in 2017 New Delhi, Jan 1, 2017: Technological advancements have helped bridge geographical boundaries in our country. The Prime Minister since the beginning of his term has been pushing Indians to embrace the digital era through his many campaigns and policies. Keeping in line with the dynamics of the changing world, the Indian Medical Association, the only representative voluntary organization of over 2.8 lakh doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine has decided to go digital. The new governing body the organization has already started functioning in a paperless manner since the beginning of their term last week. Through 2017, the Association will amplify key policies and messages to both its 2.8-lakh doctor members and the public at large through the digital medium. Padma Shri Awardee Dr. K.K Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) and National President Indian Medical Association (IMA), stated that, “IMA is in the process of becoming a paperless Association. It has been our constant endeavor to make the medical profession more transparent and effective along with raising large-scale public health awareness about matters of National importance. We echo our Prime Minister’s belief in the potential of a Digital India and will be using this as a medium to communicate with both doctors and the public.” IMA has already created a digital group called Team IMA, which will make daily communication between over 2500 Central Council Members possible. Since January 2016 year, over 2 lakh doctor members of the IMA are being sent daily updates on the organization and key health matters through the medium of text messages and emails. This will continue in 2017. “The official communications including notifications for CME events, information given out by IMA headquarters, communication from the government to IMA and other periodic updates will all be preceded electronically. There are plans to start publishing our official magazine as an online version too” added Dr. Aggarwal. All official communication sent IMA will be through the digital medium. As part of a project to make theirs a paperless organization, the association has also developed a mobile app to ease communication.

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