Saturday, 21 January 2017

Execution steps for IMA on Twitter

Social media for IMA Execution steps for IMA on Twitter Goal: The basic goal is to motivate all the 2.7 lakhs members of IMA to create their profile on Twitter and start using it. Then again it is not enough to create a profile, doctors must see the Tweet they receive regularly, just like they see their phones for WhatsApp. All members must fix their own photo in the Profile Photo space. However, all would display similar Header Photos. This big photo will display our Emblem, photo of our President with his dream projects and similar thoughts. This will create a sense of solidarity. Sample Profile: This army of members would serve two major proposes. • They will Re-tweet anything we wish to make popular and reach media such as an assault on any doctor. • We can easily send any medical knowledge or motivational text, photo or video to 2.7 lakhs members with a simple Tweet by IMA India account. For example, the pioneer programs such as Ask Dr KK, Dil Ki Baten, Jiska Koi Nahin Uska IMA, Walk with Doc, Main Hoon Na and others can be sent by a simple touch on your screen. We will develop the IMA India Twitter account as an authentic source of information about cause of diseases and medicines for both the doctors and non-medico followers. This is like having a news channel in which doctors of India can share their thoughts as journalists. Execution of IMA on Twitter For IMA on Twitter (IMAT), I would start from the state executives. We would request each of them to fix up my lecture on IMAT in their state. Whenever there is any assembly of local executives of their state they should invite me. At the time of lecture, we will find some Tech savvy executives, request them to learn more about Twitter and start teaching in their state. We have to encourage tech savvy executives of each state. We will offer them a portfolio. Without that portfolio they will not provide their full effort and valuable time. The portfolio may be State Head/ State Secretory/ State Chairman etc. for IMA on Twitter. These State Secretaries IMAT will consult me for their problems. Teaching is not enough, we would call the State Secretaries IMAT to promote this mission send the progress report each month. This all exercise needs dedicated and vigorous efforts for a year or more. We have to teach Twitter to doctors just as Chinese taught Indians to drink tea, and we know the consequence. However, our purpose is to provide a platform for the solidarity to our community, not any profit making. This all is almost 50% of my plan; I would start several more activities on Twitter later on. But those are much complicated and not possible to explain in this small article. I have done marathon efforts to read several books and articles on Twitter, and that helped me visualize IMA on Twitter. I wish to put all my knowledge and efforts for my dream project—IMA on Twitter. How to Create a Twitter Account • Open the website on laptop or Download Twitter App on mobile • Create your profile just as you do to create your Facebook account. Name: Mail or Mobile: Password: • You will be asked for a validation code sent on your mobile: Fill up • You will be asked to provide your email: fill up • You will be asked for a user name: Fill Up • Twitter will enquire about your interests: Fill Up • You will be asked to import your contacts: Say Yes or No • Then you will see several Twitter accounts of your contacts: You may or may not follow them • Twitter will show you some popular accounts on Twitter as per your interests: You may or may not follow them • After creating Twitter Account, fix your profile pictures. • Follow the Local IMA, State IMA and IMA India Accounts. • Re-Tweet every Tweet with #Save_Doctors you receive from these three Accounts. • Try to find friends, relatives, patients, journalists, politicians around you who are on Twitter. Offer them your following and seek their following back. • Write your Twitter Handle on your visiting card. Dr KK Aggarwal National President IMA & HCFI (Contributions from Dr Ajay Kansal)

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